Stan Hunter Boatbuilder is the only boatbuilding shop right on Lake Muskoka. By water, we're on Scarcliffe Bay. By road, we're off Highway 118 W, just 6 kms east of Port Carling. Drop in or call 705-764-0191.

We burned down. We rebuilt. It’s all back to business at Stan Hunter Boat Builder

Bit of news.
We burned down.
We rebuilt.
We’re back in business.

December 14, 2016 was a day that marked a the start of a long winter and a chance of renewal. No one was hurt in a shop fire that led to six months of rebuilding a new shop in the same footprint using some of the same walls.

The cause of the fire was external, the insurance industry was most helpful, the emergency services of the township most appreciated.

Winter 2017: A new roof begins to take shape

What does one do when events happen like this? Answer: breathe, start picking up pieces, move away debris, reach for help and focus on the rebuild. By six months in June we were working on boats once again. The shop is no bigger than before, but somehow more accommodating with better storage, heating, and eventually even an shower in the bathroom. It remains a privilege to serve this industry of repairing, restoring and renting wood boats so we can enhance people’s holiday time while here in Muskoka.

Spring 2017: Almost fully rebuilt, just waiting on floors, windows & doors that were in place by late Spring. Now all is good – even better than before – in the boat shop.

Small and Big: What’s happening in the shop now

This year’s program has some interesting projects, some large by our standards and some rather small. Handling rowboat repairs and the re canvasing of canoes gives us flexibility in timing and ease of moving boats about when the snow flies. Gerry Dunn of Muskoka fame once said ‘a quick nickel is better than a slow dime’. He said that when he served a chicken salad sandwich for $.35 but a little bowl of ice put one back $1.35. We have always subscribed to the fun per dollar factor, and now promote the smiles per season factor in our work.

The launch livery continues to offer wood boating to a wide number of people for many purposes through out our corner of the province. Rent one and get out on the water……



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